should I...? shouldn't I...?

Accountancy fee protection – should I ?  shouldn’t I ?  .....  do I ? .... don't I  ?

OK so that is a question you may well be asking yourself when your accountants fee protection scheme letter lands through your letter box.  The thing is we insure our homes, our cars and our gadgets – perish the thought if we let our contents insurance lapse or indeed lost our uninsured mobile phone or laptop!

Therefore why not protect your accountancy fees from the cost of an HMRC investigation?

The pressure on the government to generate increased tax revenues has been well publicised in recent years. As a consequence the number of tax enquiries undertaken by HMRC has increased significantly and this upward trend is expected to continue.

To provide peace of mind Hornbeam deliver a Fee Protection Service in conjunction with Croner Taxwise.  Any taxpayer can be targeted by HMRC  no matter how big or small, be you a private client with a rental or two, to a director of a large limited company and all those sole traders and partnerships in between – yes hairdressers, electricians, landlords, restaurants, off-shore workers  - you too are on their list!  

Even if your tax return and business records are scrupulously accurate and the taxman finds no errors, accountancy fees to represent you can cost thousands. So it is as important as it has ever been for clients to obtain protection against these costs. We will defend you should you receive an enquiry from HMRC and, should you chose to join our fee protection scheme, these costs will be covered by your policy, including cover from HMRC visits as well as written enquires.

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