Are you an Employer?

Are you a small business owner?  Are you an employer?  are your Auto Enrolment compliant?

One of the many problems facing the United Kingdom is an aging population, much of which has inadequate pension provision.  To counter this, our government has introduced Auto Enrolment into Workplace Pensions; implementation of which is now in full swing for Hornbeam sized clients.  Most of you will have seen the rather surreal advertising with the rainbow coloured giant creature walking through a park and being ignored by people who need to engage with the Workplace Pension.  I will be very interested to know how many employers are still not compliant when the final staging dates are passed, in spite of this advertising, and very heavy fines.

At Hornbeam we employed Lynda Storey as our Payroll Supervisor, with a specific remit to manage Auto Enrolment of our clients.  Lynda is in the middle of this campaign at present.  

In general it is compulsory for all employers to register by their Staging Date.  Only employees have the right to opt out and they must do so online, and it is illegal for employers to pressure them to do so.  Our focus is to help our clients comply, and to avoid fines.

If you need help to get started call our payroll department on 01603720424 or email - avoid the fines!