As summer turns to autumn a little update of Hornbeam life

The middle of September contained the usual rollercoaster of events, which is typical of business life. On the down side, we lost two exceptionally good Emilys on the same day - both going off to pursue different careers. Certainly, we all wish them well; they have been a pleasure to work with and I hope that their time at Hornbeam has provided them with a set of skills that they will value and use through the rest of their lives.

On the up side, we have had about the best week for business acquisition that I can remember. We have picked up a very large payroll (won by Jo); a a package which includes accounts, payroll, VAT, corporation tax and directors tax for a local business supplies company (won by Chris); a small audit and lastly, tax consultancy for a non-domiciled city trader.

We also look forward to welcoming Jacqui Hoy as our new receptionist - though she is blissfully unaware that she has to do two jobs… (Just joking!)

It’s one of the things that I like about my job - that we are continuously having to research and relearn and adapt to the changes in our profession. For example, whilst George Osborne’s latest budget has made some seismic changes to the tax system, a question from a client about the loss of personal allowances for overseas landlords, which I hadn't previously heard about, was tracked down to a consultation document last August, which seems to have disappeared from the public domain??

A question about R&D tax credits has led to a fascinating investigation of some amazing product development going on here in East Anglia and almost philosophical questions about the ownership of particular elements of the intellectual property being created.