successfully managing your small business

successfully managing your small business
Do you feel ‘overworked and underpaid’?

This book is about giving you the skills to take control of your business and your life. Chapter 1 is called ‘how to sell for more’ and is all about finding ways to ensure that you never have to feel ‘underpaid’ again.

The rest of the book is about creating success. It is up to you to define what constitutes ‘success’ for you. Chapter 4 on 'Strategic Planning' is specifically written to give you the tools to understand where you are, to decide for yourself where you want to go, and to work out how to get there.

This book is for owners and managers of small businesses. Wherever possible I have taken the management tools that give big businesses their edge and made them accessible for small businesses.

This book is about taking the best theory from the literature, the best practice from the most successful businesses, and explaining in plain English how they can be used by managers of small businesses. Pretty much every idea in this book is illustrated by examples from real life, most of them from small businesses.

I have split this book into 4 main themes.

These are the concerns of most small businesses. Before you go any further I want you to know some of the things I have not covered.

  • I haven’t covered personality problems, family disputes or any of that massive subject.
  • I haven’t covered ‘how to sell more’, marketing or advertising or sales psychology.
  • Whilst I hope that anyone interested in business will find this book enjoyable, it really is aimed at small businesses and their advisers. There is not a single line in this book where I expect my readers to be market leaders or to have any prospect of ever becoming market leaders! 

Above is only a taster If you want to know and learn more on how to run a profitable business, a business that makes money then continue reading "Succcessfully Managing Your Small Business"  

Feel free to print and keep your free copy of the book and remember learn to sell for more, get paid quicker and plan for success!

Thank you for reading