Landlords..... Landlords..... Landlords

A little word of caution
There is still time to take advantage of the government’s “Let Property Campaign”
If you rent property and haven’t disclosed the income to HMRC you could be in for a shock
when they catch up with you.   For more information on how you can take part in this campaign
and get the best possible terms follow this link 
Once you have informed HMRC of your income arrears you will then have 3 months
to calculate and pay what you owe.

If you’re concerned and need professional help to bring your tax affairs up to date
contact our advisory team on 01603 720424 or email

And remember if you don’t make a voluntary disclosure now and HMRC finds out later,
you could get higher penalties and face criminal prosecution.

Lastly, this campaign started last November and we have been reliably informed it has a
life span of 18 months to 2 years, but do not rest on your laurels – the Government can
close this door this year if they wish!