How does your company rate?

Creditsafe - Is your company’s credit rating affected?

If your business obtains credit from suppliers you should continue to read!

It has been brought to our attention by several companies that Creditsafe have changed
their algorithms and therefore their results. Suppliers who use their service may be refusing
credit to you as your rating has hit the floor. There are limited things you can actually do to
address this. However, our suggestions include:

  1. Ask the supplier to obtain an Experian report (their system has not changed).
    It may be in your interest to burden the comparatively small cost of the report
    if the supplier will accept this.
  2. Try to address the simple things which Creditsafe deemed a risk.
    Phone them up and ask which items have adversely affected your rating.
  3. This is most definitely the last resort, but showing them a latest set of your
    accounts to prove things are not all doom and gloom, may persuade suppliers.