HMRC Tax Blunder for Five Million Workers - it could be YOU

We strongly recommend client's read this article in the Telegraph click here  "Five million workers face uncertainty after tax bills wrongly calculated in HMRC blunder" 

I have 3 points to make:

1. Quotes by HMRC staff are outrageous HMRC says  "less than 100,000 people are affected” -  well a disproportionate number are our clients then and I don’t believe that!

HMRC said the incorrect letters were “not demands but merely summaries…….no one has been asked to hand a penny over in tax because of this”

I am not sure what the bailiff who successfully demanded £9,000 from our client (before they could call us) was doing then.  

“the vast majority of errors have happened because an employer failed……”

It is demeaning to have public servants being such dishonest jobsworths.

2.  No client should pay over any amount to a revenue collector without contacting us first, unless of course they know it is due.

The practice of sending out collectors without notification and without attempting to resolve the issue first is worthy of a banana republic.  

3. We should all worry about this.  Taxation in this country works on a principle of co-operation and acceptance, which is fragile and can easily break down if abused.

Think “Boston Tea Party” and the “Road Fund Escalator” rebellion if you do not believe me.
Dishonestly, inefficiency, and bullying by 
HMRC undermine the public trust on which our
system operates. It makes ours a nastier society.  

Philip Needham