East England Restaurtant Sector Being Targeted by HMRC

HMRC Target Restaurant Sector

HMRC announced in February the launch of a “taskforce” to tackle tax avoidance in the restaurant
sector across ….. the EAST of ENGLAND. 

Taskforces are HMRC teams that undertake intensive bursts of activity in specific high-risk trade
sectors in the UK, with teams visiting traders to examine their records and carry out investigations. 

"The people being targeted by these taskforces have no intention of
playing by the rules.  The government has made it clear that we will
not tolerate tax evasion and we have provided HMRC with the resources
to crack down on those who break the law”
said David Gauke,
Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury. “If you haven’t declared all your
income we will find you and investigate.  Not only could you face a
heavy fine, but a criminal prosecution as well” .

If any of our clients themselves or if they know of anyone who needs to disclose any undeclared income
we suggest that they contact Phil Needham or Andrew Bloy, as voluntary disclosure will generally result
in lower penalties and avoidance of a criminal prosecution.

Email: phil@hornbeam-accountancy.co.uk or andy@hornbeam-accountancy.co.uk