from a dear client & friend

 Dear Phil

just wanted to stop and say a very big THANK YOU for all your input, guidance and encouragement since you rescued us from the debacle we were left in by the last firm of accountants!

It is not difficult to do this, as you performed a service way beyond what I have experienced previously. It has been a somewhat tortuous journey,but one which I would not have missed for the World. I still remember the morning in my office where you, out of the blue, suddenly asked us, ‘why are you doing this?’ and I replied ‘because I want to know how to run my business!’ From that point on we have never looked back.

You have said on several occasions that you had tried in the past to get people to understand their businesses better, but had met with total rejection and lack of interest. I learned only a few years ago that I am severely dyslexic. I was the thick kid in the class. An underachieving child of over critical parents. I still can’t do GCSE math [but I married a girl who can!!!!] You helped me feel like a proper boss. Running a small company has nothing whatever to do with sums. It is a foundational understanding of what my mother would refer to as ‘cocoa tin’ finances. She had a row of cocoa tins on the mantle piece in the kitchen, one for rent, one for clothes, one for housekeeping etc. She didn’t have much but she managed. There are a plethora of ‘How to run your business’ books but you need to have a competent guide. My martial arts teacher always said ‘When the student is ready, the Master will appear!’ You are the embodiment of the saying. You have bitten off your frustrations with us, and been a firm and friendly guiding hand throughout the journey. Your patience when I am slow to grasp points is humbling.

I could only watch from Australia in horror, as my business was being flown into the ground by selfish and avaricious associate. We came to see you on the Friday afternoon two days after flying home ‘unexpectedly’, jet lagged and not at all sure whether we had done the right thing. You came and looked at the current mess we called an accounting system and gave us hope. We could trust no one. You advised us to go on basic book keeping courses, and my wife to go on Sage Accounting Courses. We purchased a specific laptop for the accountants and installed a clean version of Sage. You took the payroll out from the ‘in house’ person.

  • The learning curve was ferocious BUT I can now ‘read' a set of accounts.
  • We have constructed our own nominal code list.
  • I can penny balance to within 24 hours trading.
  • I know the difference between a P&L and a Balance Sheet and we regularly do a Trial Balance.[sad aren’t we?]
  • We generate our own in house management accounts each month AND I know what they mean and how to use them.
  • We monitor how our business is actually running on a daily basis.

We have taken something that was about to crash and burn, and have turned in successive and increasingly robust year end accounts. I now have an outside Corporate showing an interest in the Company.

Phil, this has been an amazing journey, one that has seen us go from strength to strength. We have achieved something I never dreamed of, financial security, and just as important peace of mind. Thank you for being you, and for the strength and encouragement when things were uncertain. Thank you for being our friend. I am happy for you to use this letter as a testimonial and would be pleased to talk to anyone who finds themselves in the sort of dilemmas we were in, before we met you.

Kindest regards John and Michelle.

-- Sent from the desk of Dr John T Wade.