Are you ready?

Do you want to make pension auto enrolment a walk in the park
for your business and your employees?

  • Pension Auto Enrolment in RTi – are you ready?
  • Do you have the software?
  • Do you have the time to manage the ongoing responsibility?   

The Government’s Pension Regulator has begun rolling out Pension Auto Enrolment across the UK
and every single Employer will have to comply. If you run a Payroll you are going to have to run a
Workplace Pension Scheme – it’s the law!

The scheme is automatic for your staff - they do not have to do anything to be enrolled in a pension
scheme but as an employer – you do! There are quite a few stairs to climb to ensure your company is
registered for auto enrolment before your staging date (given to you by the pension’s regulator).

Now there are costs involved, as an employer your contributions to your employees’ pension will be
between 1% and 3% of their salary, they in turn will pay a % contribution and the government’s
contribution will be via tax relief. There are 3 key headings your staff will fall under with regards to
compliance and you may well ask yourself these questions:

  • Who do I enrol?
  • Who has an option to join?
  • Who is entitled to join?
  • Can they opt out after compulsory enrolment?
  • What information do I need to enrol those eligible?
  • What pension scheme do I actual offer my employees?
  • Do I have the payroll software in place to implement these changes?

Pension auto enrolment is not just a one–off registration for you and your staff.
Once active membership has been achieved, there are ongoing responsibilities that you will be
involved in, such as ensuring contributions are paid on time and that any opt-out or opt-in notices
are processed within timescales outlined by the Pensions Regulator and accurate records maintained.

As payroll agents our payroll software already has the facility to run and manage your pension
auto enrolment and at Hornbeam we can register you with a low cost pension provider or introduce
you to an Independent Financial Advisor for a more personal pension scheme.

What we can offer you before your compulsory staging date:
* Auto enrolment action plan and determine costs to your company
* Help you inform your staff of the changes, are they eligible and their rights to opt in, opt out, join
* If you are switching from existing payroll agent we can organise and ensure a seamless transfer to
   our fully compliant and integrated payroll and pension software
* Register you with a pension provider

What we can offer you after your staging date:
* Process your payroll and your pension commitments
* Advise your chosen pension company
* Keep you informed of your payment obligations and payment dates
* Complete your declaration of compliance with the Pension Regulator
* Maintain accurate payroll and pension records
* Fulfil ongoing payroll and pension responsibilities including new members of staff/leavers and 
  monitoring existing employees whose status can alter your pension responsibilities

For more information why not ring our auto enrolment department on 01603 720424 or