Accountancy isn't boring!

Two big sets of accounts in yesterday, trying to decide which set to tackle first,
December 2013 accounts needed for a refinancing or
March 2013 accounts that are already into penalties. 

Thank goodness my team have already cleared most of our tax returns!

Accountancy at this level is rarely boring, although often “challenging”. 

January jobs include:

 Applying to the Prudential Regulation Authority at the bank of England for a Credit Union to offer 
   interest bearing accounts such as ISA's (so pressure to get the audit finished a.s.a.p.)

• Getting Accounts finished and drafting the half yearly report to the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority)
   for a firm of IFAs (Independent Financial Advisers), which fortunately we have semi automated.

• Helping another Credit Union Audit client to prepare business projections to manage its way 
  out of difficult circumstances.

• Helping a very successful client to plan for retirement via business sale, MBO, or
  strengthened management.

• Helping a technology group to tidy up its inter-company and directors loans as a precursor to a 
  seven figure capital injection by a business angel.  We declared two dividends in subsidiary companies,
 £500,000 of loans to share capital to get it all sorted.

• Need to finish the projections and business valuation for another refinancing too.

Boring - No.....     Busy - Yes.....   Happy - Very!